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​How to build a 'Tranquil' PC

​How to build a 'Tranquil' PC

We’re taking you through every step of the manufacturing process here at Tranquil PC!

Design it

The first step in building a Tranquil computer is to design the software. We work with our in-house CAD/CAM engineers to engineer products that are durable and fanless.

Program it

Before we start cutting the aluminium block, an important step is to program the CNC machines so they are efficient and create the unique chassis we are known for.

Mill it

Through trial and error, we have grown and developed our milling process to be an efficient exercise in production. Raw aluminium blocks are milled to create a complete chassis.

Brush it

To ensure it’s a smooth and streamlined product, we brush our cases. This helps with the overall looks and feel of the finished product.

Anodise it

There are a few steps to our anodising process. Each step is designed to provide a certain level of protection to your finished unit, for example to reduce conductivity. It’s in the anodising step that the product is given its final cosmetic coating of premium black, however, there is the option to change the products colour.

Laser Etch it

Our laser machine is programmed to add a higher standard and finish to the product. As well as adding the required I/O labels, the laser etching step can be used to print logos and custom branding.

Assemble it

An important step for the solutions to work is making sure they have the right parts. From motherboards to power switches, this is where the solutions become complete.

Test it

Things don’t always go right when building solutions. So, we use our inhouse testing to ensure the product not only works correctly but is of high quality. There are procedures and quality checks before we can ship our finished products.

Tranquil it

The magic happens every step of the process at Tranquil PC. No step is less thorough than the next. Our process is that of quality and it is only through adapting and learning that we have reached this level of finesse. With over fifteen years in the industry, we still have much to learn but we know how to Tranquil it for now.

Interested in OEM products? As a full process and in house product manufacturer, we are happy to utilise and customise almost every step of our process to meet your business needs. Get in touch with us if you are working on a project that needs a custom rugged fanless design. We will guide you through every step and check with you to ensure it meets your needs.

29th Apr 2020 Louis Glazzard

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