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Tranquil PC welcomes an award-winning QA and H&S manager

Tranquil PC welcomes an award-winning QA and H&S manager

Tranquil PC is welcoming lots of passionate team members. At the start of the year, we welcomed Ziyada Lutale into our team as a QA/H&S manager. We sat down with Ziyada to get some more information about her role and her goals in the company.

Welcome to Tranquil PC! Could you tell us a little bit more about your role?

Thank you, my role in Tranquil PC is Quality Assurance and Health and Safety Manager. In this role I manage the quality of services for the products that are manufactured and offered by the business. Starting with Quality Assurance;

This is the process of verifying whether a product meets required specifications and customer expectations. Basically, it is a process approach that defines and facilitates goals regarding product design, development, production and delivery. Whilst making sure that the business delivers the best products and services, I also ensure that the ISO 9001:2015 standards are maintained. This consist of; management of the internal business, controlling operational processes and procedures, deliver internal audits and completing a range of review techniques and implementing corrective actions. Basically, making sure that everything is done according to the required standard. On the side of Health and Safety, I make sure people work in a safe and healthy environment, monitor risks and hazards and ensuring the business is legally compliant with all health and safety legislation.

What is your definition of quality?

Quality has a variety of definitions. In simple terms, it is delivered when you achieve a minimum requirement of specific performance. i.e. the standard that is required. In my professional I would say quality is "meeting the requirements of the customer."

It must take a lot of work to be a professional in such a specific area. What is your background before working with us?

I’m a Project Manager with extensive experience in different fields. As a student, originally, from Uganda, I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from India and a Master of Science in Project Management from the University of Salford.

This included, Quality and Environment Management systems that motivated me to broaden my skills by obtaining more qualifications in ISO standards hence internal auditing.

About five years ago I was working in Manchester as Project Management Co-ordinator. I have also been engaged in the organisation of procedures for the start-up and close, design and implementation of complex administration and Microsoft Dynamics 2013 CRM Service Pack 1 processes and systems for:

  • -Business Growth Service (BGS), an extension to the GrowthAccelerator (GA) Contracts. National value approximately £80m.
  • -GrowthAccelerator (GA) Service, a national flagship three-year project. National value approximately £240m.

Later, I then joined DCB Group Ltd in Manchester where I was working as the Quality, Environment, Health & Safety, GDPR Project Manager. It was a huge role! But I loved it. This involved initiating, developing and maintaining QMS, EMS and H&S in accordance with ISO9001, ISO14001& OHSAS18001 together with GDPR and periodically conduct internal audits. I also implemented and maintained the BSI Audit. I worked in this role for three years which boosted my knowledge into my current position at Tranquil PC.

Have you ever won an award? What was it for?

Yes, I have won numerous awards but will talk about the last one which was for the British Printing Industries Federation – our company was the second in North-West of England to win this prestigious award because of the standards we had put in place. They audited the business for Environment standards, Human Resource Management, Quality standards and Health and Safety. We achieved above 90% in all areas which lead us to attaining the BPIF Business Seal of Excellence.

What are your goals and aspirations in the company?

Firstly, I like the business. Because of its enormous development, my goal is to work hand in hand with the entire team to achieve the company objectives. Based on my experience, I want to implement all the standards the business requires in order to get to a higher level of manufacturing. For example, my plan is for us to have ISO 14001 standards by 2021.

What made you decide to work for Tranquil PC?

I’ve got a background in computing. I’m a Microsoft Certified professional. Before, I went into Project Management, my dream was to become a Computer Software or Engineer somewhere, and I was so eager about IT. So, when I heard about Tranquil PC manufacturing, building and assembling computer products I thought; there we go! I think I fit in here because I’ve always loved this field. As a project manager, I love seeing the journey of projects from initiation to closure and these are the projects we do at Tranquil PC. The rate at which the business is progressing every year also encouraged me to join it in order to get involved in their journey.

What’s your favourite part about working for the company so far?

People are friendly. We work together as a team. As I mentioned before, working on projects and achieving fantastic results is truly rewarding – I really enjoy it!

You work predominantly in the offices at our factory. Knowing the environment, what have you noticed about our production process? Did anything surprise you?

I enjoy the production process. I keep going into the factory and seeing what people are doing and checking the quality of products against specifications, packaging, goods inward and outward etc. What surprises me is the testing stage of a finished product and seeing it working is always my pleasure.

What new things have you learnt so far?

I’ve learnt about how different products are built and tested which I find a new and exciting challenge.

Which of our products do you think is most exciting?

I like the Rugged Fanless Server and Rugged Intel Core Mini PC.

What’s your worst part about working for the company so far?

It makes me feel bad when something goes wrong and we have to raise a non-conformance. I hate failure and this really put me down.

Now for a fun closing question. You’re on a desert island, what five things would you take with you if you had to choose?

My glasses, a nice sun hat, a bottle of water, and some summer clothes. For music I’d take a CD for Eddy Kenzo from Uganda.

It’s great to get to know Ziyada’s goals in the company – we’re excited to see the amazing work she’s been awarded for previously. Who knows, Tranquil PC might even win an award with Ziyada on board. 

19th Mar 2020 Louis Glazzard/Ziyada Lutale

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