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​What is CAD/CAM engineering?

​What is CAD/CAM engineering?

CAD/CAM is an acronym for computer-aided design and or/ computer aided manufacturing. In the manufacturing industry, it is a term that is used a lot, but do you know how it really works?

CAD/CAM is used to design and manufacture products. Using design software, a machine is programmed to generate paths to turn computerised designs into a variety of different components, casings and prototypes. It also has a variety of uses in the manufacturing industry such as 3D printing, stress simulation and electronic design.

The major benefits of this software’s are that it is intuitive, flexible and quite fast if you can manage it well. The software can take a while to master but once you have mastered it, it can greatly increase your production output. You can have control of the 3D geometry of the products before production which as time moves forward which can develop your production finesse. However, some programs show some difficulties for updating or modifying the existing models, but these might have other benefits and lower pricing options.

At Tranquil PC, we use CAD/CAM engineering to design and manufacture the cases for our products. By designing the case through CAD software, powered by Solid Edge, we can manipulate and then program our CNC milling machines to cut the aluminium block. This creates the case for the finished product which is then adonised and assembled to create a finished computer.

At Tranquil PC, we have a library of 3D models of our products (such as assemblies and aluminium cases) and sub-products (such as motherboards and ports). Once we have all the models in place, we start assembling them on the software and finding the perfect paths for them. We design a case based on variables such as geometry and aesthetics. We then use this software to render the product and cut it in a CNC machine.

In some circumstances although a casting is used through CNC milling in other fanless hardware, we are currently use unique methods of making chassis of monocoque construction.

CAD/CAM is a vital part of our manufacturing and production process. How do you use the software? Tag us on social media and showcase the innovation this tool brings to your company!

3rd Jun 2020 Louis Glazzard

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