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What we learnt at Embedded World 2020

What we learnt at Embedded World 2020

Amidst the snow and virus scares we encountered at Embedded World this year, there is still much lot to celebrate when we look back at last week at the show. Here’s a quick run through of everything Tranquil PC learnt at #EW20.

Spirit of the show

Regardless of the turnout, the exhibitors and visitors were very much in the trade show spirit. When key players pull out and people are anxious about a virus, you might expect that tensions were high. But at this show, everyone seemed to be determined to have a productive time. Conversations were friendly, unifying and engaging. We built up great relationships with nearby stands and it felt like everyone was in it together.

Pulsar success

We had many visitors to the stand that were excited about the Pulsar. Having the product on hand really helped with enquiries. Visitors to the stand we able to get a touch and feel for the product which generated even more of a buzz. Launching the product at this year’s trade show seems like the right decision so far as we’ve had lots of enquiries.

Industry progression

The next revolution in industrial technology is coming. There were many new and exciting businesses that we hadn’t seen at last years show. Many were new technologies that come under the industry 4.0 bracket; IoT, Data Analytics, Cloud solutions & advanced robotics. It was exciting to see where technology is heading.

Via NuernbergMesse / Frank Boxler

Via NuernbergMesse / Frank Boxler

New industries

We had lots of enquiries on the stand about industries we hadn’t thought of, with many engaging visitors and potential clients prompting discussions about potential industries. Industries we hadn’t considered were the military, edge computing & agriculture. We were even approached about possibly using our computers in ATM’s!


People loved our merchandise. And we mean loved. We had visitors and exhibitors alike constantly coming back for extras. If you didn’t get one of our popular reusable bottles or tote bags, keep up with our social media for a chance.

Despite the concerns surrounding Embedded World this year, Tranquil PC think it was a vibrantly successful event with lots of potential leads, exciting interactions and conversations. Thank you so much to the Embedded World team – see you next year!

2nd Mar 2020 Louis Glazzard

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