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​What will the future of manufacturing look like?

​What will the future of manufacturing look like?

As a technology manufacturer we’re always intrigued by the latest topics of conversation. Recently, that topic of conversation has been the next evolutionary step in industry. If you haven't heard of the industrial revolutions, they represent the stages in which a revolution in manufacturing occurs. Currently, we’re amid a significant transformation and we’re moving towards a new future in manufacturing technology.

The Pillars

The first industrial revolution began way back in the 18th century when mechanical production took a giant leap with the help of water and steam power. By 1870, the first assembly line was introduced and through electrical energy, Industry 2.0 was in full swing.

Industry 3.0 refers to the application of electronics and IT to further automate production. This is the stage in industry that many manufacturers still exist in. Some stages of the process are automotive, but not all of them.

We then come to the stage where we are heading rapidly towards – what is industry 4.0 and what does it mean for manufacturers like us?

The Big Difference

Let’s use the example of one our CNC machines that we use to mill raw aluminium billets into a finished chassis. Currently, the tool changes can be done by the machine, but corrections may have to be made by an operator. In the future, our CNC machines may become smarter and driven by data which means they will become less dependent on their human operators.

So, What Makes up Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 will be made up of more autonomy in machine manufacturing. This will be created by cyber physical systems and networks. The framework is built upon by digital technologies such as advanced robotics, data analytics, AR, IoT and 3D printing.

Now, all of this is speculative, and some of these predictions could be wrong. But what could industry 4.0 look like for Tranquil PC?

The Intelligent Manufacturer

One of the biggest ideas that comes along with smart manufacturing is the use of processing large quantities of data. If we could collect and understand large sets of data for our production process, with the knowledge, we could predict demand for our products.

At Tranquil PC, we love the personal touch of making our products by hand so it might be while before we consider bringing in advanced robotics. However, having the powerful data processed to predict demand could revolutionise the way we work. On top of this, due to an increased output, our machines would be more intelligent and produce less waste.

Industry 4.0 is coming, there seems to be no denying that. But whether we can predict the future of manufacturing technology is a different question altogether. An innovative manufacturing solution may come along that could completely change the way we see the future of manufacturing. That presents an even bigger dilemma for manufacturers. Robotics and AR could perhaps never offer up creativity and revolutionary solutions so we may have a long way to go before our machines are completely autonomous.

What do you think is going to be future of manufacturing technology? What would you like to see us do in the future? Tweet us and share your ideas!

2nd Apr 2020 Louis Glazzard

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