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The Fantastic Future of Tranquil PC

The Fantastic Future of Tranquil PC

It’s getting colder out and so in the Tranquil PC office we’re winding down for the end of the year. In the past few months we’ve been getting prepared for a 2020 that’s going to be even bigger than 2019. So, when 2020 comes we’ll be ready for our biggest year yet. Want some more hints for what we’ve got in store? Keep on reading!

New Products

Perhaps the most exciting part of our upcoming journey for 2020 and the future of Tranquil PC is going to be our new product launches. Now, we can’t say exactly what these are – but our in-house engineers have been creating and designing nonstop for even better PC’s.

What we can say though is this – they’re going to be even more durable and more rugged than our last models. How is that possible, you’re wondering? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see because we’re keeping quiet.

New Machinery

In November we welcomed new machinery into our factory at Trafford Park. New XYZ CNC Milling Machines means we can increase production and mill those aluminium billets faster.

Our factory’s getting full up – but we’re always aiming to increase efficiency. Who knows, 2020 might even bring more manufacturing surprises.

New Branding

You may have seen that we’re making a serious commitment at Tranquil PC to improve our brand aesthetic.

In September we welcomed on board a creative marketing assistant who’s hoping to make Tranquil PC the topic of conversation in 2020. So expect more blogs like these, and expect more colour flashing up on your screens under our names. The future of the Tranquil brand is going to be an exciting one.

New Team Members

You also may have noticed our team is growing. In our last quarter we welcomed new team members across a variety of the sections of our business. These were in Marketing, Sales, and HR as well Production Managers at the factory and lots of new faces along the production line.

In 2020, this is expected to grow even more. So if you’re looking to be part of the future of fanless IT technology, keep up to date with us – your perfect position might be available soon.

New Partners

At Tranquil PC, we’re always looking for new people to join forces with. In the last year we’ve worked with some pretty big leaders in the industry. For 2020, we expect nothing to change. We want to welcome new partners on board and work together to bring the future of IT technology into more areas and more sectors.

If you’d like to get in touch with us to discuss how we can work together, email our sales team and they’ll be more than excited to help.

We really hope you’re enjoying the end of your 2019 – we’re getting very excited for the future in the office at Tranquil PC.

From everyone here at Tranquil PC, we hope you have the greatest winter season and you can look forward to a prosperous new year in 2020.

18th Dec 2019 Louis Glazzard

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