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The Versatile IT solution

The Versatile IT solution

Our rugged fanless PC’s are suitable in a variety of markets. Our biggest success stories in industry are those in the digital signage and maritime industries. In these industries we work with key partners to deliver solutions. For example, for digital signage, we work with Grassfish.

We are manufacturers and so it’s our goal to find solutions to some of industries biggest problems. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for new ideas. It’s also why we keep wondering where else our rugged IT solutions could perform well.


Our computers are made from raw aluminium. The fanless design and the lack of moving parts means our computers could thrive well in a medical environment. Our computers are built for reliability. What does the medical industry need when it comes to computers? Reliability. The medical industry does not need computers that have a high failure rate because work is so important.

Additionally, because there are no fans in our designs, spread of bacteria is kept to a minimum.

There is also the possibility for using our computers in transportable situations in the medical industry. For example, when nurses need to input patient data. We’ve yet to see our own success in the medical industry, but we’re hoping to! Get in touch if you have an opportunity for us.


What does the automotive industry need from PC’s? Rugged computers with a small form factor are in high demand. Our solutions have both elements and are capable of fitting within the most confined environments. For example, the Ultra Slim NUC can be used to power touch screens inside the car. With Intel® vPro™ technology, remote access can be utilised for control or for repairs.

Beyond this, there is the added possibility of making vehicles more automotive with increased compute power. With embedded solutions like ours, the possibilities are high.

Other Transport

Vehicles are not the sky’s limit when it comes to embedded IT solutions. Computers with signage capabilities and remote access could also be used on buses, trains, and even on planes if the future market demands it.

Beyond Digital Signage

We’ve spoken about how fond we are of bringing solutions to the digital signage industry. When it comes to retail environments our computers may be the perfect solution. Computers are needed to power touch screens, run tills, ticket machines and even help with bank withdrawals at ATM machines.

Our products are so versatile, that these ideas are not an exclusive list. Got an idea of where you think our solutions would be perfect? Then drop us an email.

13th Feb 2020 Louis Glazzard

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