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​Tranquil PC – A History of Ideas

​Tranquil PC – A History of Ideas

This week, here at Tranquil PC, we’ve looking back on where we started. Looking back at where you were, is an important part of improving business in the future. When people see our logo, lots of people don’t realise how long we’ve been bringing innovative IT solutions into the world. We’ve been running business for 16 years now, starting in 2003 from a simple idea.

The Idea

The idea was this – let’s create a more reliable PC that produces less noise. And so, we got to work. In our early days we were inspired to produce different types of PC’s. Some of our models included the AVA RS5, the IxL i3 Power PC and the impressively slim T2E Atom PC.

These models were a step towards something greater. They were small and powerful machines that laid the groundwork for our current products.

As demand for our products started to increase in 2007, we began designing even bigger projects and products.

The Bigger Idea

When 2011 came, and business was running smoothly and demand was increasing even more, we wanted to really get stuck into the future of our business. That’s when we decided to invest in our own machinery to increase production.

It was here that the first batch of raw aluminium billets were delivered to Trafford Park in Manchester. Using XYZ CNC machinery, we began milling our finished casing from the raw blocks. We designed, anodised, brushed and even began assembling and testing our products so we could have complete control over the way they looked, and performed.

The Meeting of Ideas

In 2017, we introduced two new models. The Rugged Intel Core Mini and the Multi Mini Display PC which became the next step in our innovative IT evolution.

With these models in circulation on the market by 2018, we had made such a name for ourselves that everybody wanted to work with us. We had instated ourselves as leaders in rugged, low energy IT systems.

This led to Tranquil PC becoming part of the 2CSRI group to collaborate and to ensure our products have greater reach. We are now growing alongside 2CSRI to reach our goals.

Today’s Idea

We’ve learnt a lot by looking back on our company history and our old products. Our products are still noiseless and reliable, but they are also so much more. They are rugged, fanless and innovative.

There is much to come from Tranquil PC. We hope to be constantly growing and improving. Next year, we will welcome some new designs, and these will be even more innovative than the last models. Tranquil PC is becoming the future of technology… here today.   

27th Nov 2019 Louis Glazzard

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