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V6XD-7 Range

Reliable and portable server






The V6XD-7 Micro Cluster range are fully integrated, lowpower, modular, compact, computer cluster which delivers incredible versatility at an attractive price. Their scalable nature, small footprint and ease of use make it the perfect development tool, sales aid or even training instrument, while its reliable design, portable size and computational prowess make it an ideal standalone appliance for bespoke HPC applications.

  • Versatile
    The V6XD-7 range offers many choices, with options to upgrade from a 1Gbe to a 10Gbe integrated network or enabling the use of low profile x16 PCIe cards such as the Tesla P4 when GPU compute power is needed.

  • Multi-node struture
    Chassis structure incorporates a Intel NUC, low power management node along side 4, Xeon-D powered computational nodes

  • Redundant internal inter-connectivity
    2 Gigabit Ethernet connections per node managed by a smart layer 3 switch

  • External scalability
    2 external Gigabit Ethernet connections allow external units to join the cluster environment

  • Easy and intuitive serviceability and management
    Multiple I/O options available per node Removable tray design Modular structure

  • Integrated, compact design
    Within 15kg (33lbs), the unit incorporates: ● 1 management node 4 compute nodes   750W Power Supply Cooling system Smart Switch

  • Highly customisable
    With endless hardware configurations as well as colour options and personalised laser engraving, the V6XD-7 will meet the most specific technical needs whilst easily presenting a company’s identity

  • Highly Portable
    v4n-in-ba22-case.pngTake it with you anywhere – even as carry-on on most continental and intercontinental airlines.


V6XD-7 Datasheet Standard Click here
V6XD-7+ Datasheet Supports 10Gbe Click here
V6XD-7G Datasheet Supports x16 PCIe Click here
V6XD-7G+ Datasheet Supports 10Gbe & x16 PCIe Click here


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